Focusing on: Replacing Old Habits with Healthy New Ones!

Metabolic Disorders

Weight Loss or Weight Gain


Loss of Energy


Sleep Disorders


Lifestyle Changes

Thyroid Dysfunction


Food Sensitivity/Allergies

Fulfill your health potential! Essential Health offers a unique program for the achievement of a healthier, more vibrant life.

Each patient receives individual counseling.

Dr. Ehrlich designs personalized nutrition programs to restore your health on a cellular level. We offer an array of all-natural supplements that aid in the correction of underlying health problems - when applicable. 

Essential Health uses a computer-assisted body composition analysis and exclusive symptom-prioritizing software. 

We listen to what your goals and needs are. Everyone is individually assessed to work at your own pace and lifestyle. 

Dr. Ehrlich will create a personalized nutrition plan for you!

This process is divided into two parts. 

An initial visit to gather all information and a follow-up visit to deliver your unique plan.